Joaquin McQuistion

runaway prince with self esteem issues


Human Fighter who is hella good at lying and cutting people down with two swords.
He’s a pretty boy with short hair that he spends way too much time trying to make look like Matt Bomer. Draws on a fake mole and wears a damn side cape. Fitted clothing that borders being a little ahead of the current trends and definitely expensive. He’s just trying to look perfect on the outside so no one bothers to ask if he’s actually okay!!

Joaquin comes of very aloof and tries to be as unapproachable as possible. He is very strong, and can also be very suave. Joaquin is honestly just bad at creating personal relationships. He has bad habbit of putting on a fake persona and lying to everyone rather than himself. Cause why would people care about a a fuck up like him?


Real name Prince Cassidy Calloway. He has an older brother Clinton (Clint) Calloway, and younger sister Cameron. Never felt like he was good enough to be a member of the Calloway family when his siblings both surpassed him in anything he deemed to be worthy of doing. Cassidy’s parents (Calhoun and Katerina) are currently members of the Litor Council.

When Cassidy was 20 he noticed someone in a gaurds uniform pointing a gun at his father. Acting on impulse he attemped to wrestle the gun away, but ended up knocking the would be assassin off of the ledge and down into the court yard killing him. Cassidy ran, worried that this would put a mark on the family’s perfectly clean reputation. In his panicked escape he stabbed someone on the way out sealing his fate.

Since leaving Litor he has assumed different aliases in attempts to make a living as a con artist. He’s never been very good at it. The names were Robin Brooks (20), August Faust (20-21), Sebastian Hatch (22-25) and most recently Joaquin McQuiston at age 26.

He hooked up with a group of people (Havi, Ireth, Dalia, Carinthir) to make easy money in Windfast and has since then been stuck with the group through annoying circumstances.

Joaquin McQuistion

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