Tanum Machault

Human Mage


Tanum is a short, slightly pudgy ginger, always sporting a large grin. He wears slightly baggy clothes, to hide hide his ‘lil pooch, but they are of a reasonably fine make, because he’s ahsamed of his modest upbringing.


Tanum Machault grew up in Litor with his best friends Havi and Arnam, who grew up to be an adventurer with our player characters, and a Council member of Litor, respectively. He was cursed, disrupting the flow of magic in his body, prohibiting him from mentally channeling magic.

Following Havi’s lead, Tanum set out to find a cure for his curse, and wound up as a part of “The Cult of Sorrows”, the lead members of which carved out his heart, holding it as collateral while they sent hiim out on missions. He eventually betrayed the cult to help his friend Havi, and his heart was almost destroyed, but his friends saved him. He now travels with the group, making them breakfast and keeping the mood light.

Tanum Machault

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